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    Oat Waffles
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    Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes
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    Phyllo Dough Cheese Sticks

Iced Caramel Coffee

Delicious iced caramel coffee. Very similar to a Starbucks Frappuccino.   So the other day I was planning which recipes I wanted to share and when... I decided that it may be a little too early for pumpkin (maybe next week). I do think that caramel is a nice transition into autumn though. It's still in the 80s so I didn't want to share a recipe that was hot. This caramel iced coffee seriously hits the spot. It reminds me of autumn and is just so perfect to enjoy this last month of summer. Read more [...]

Cookie Dough Egg Rolls

You NEED to try these cookie dough egg rolls. I know what you're thinking, and the answer to your question is yes. Yes, these cookie dough egg rolls are fat pants friendly. So head to your dresser and grab the comfiest pair because you need to try this recipe. There's something about a deep fried egg roll that makes me swoon. It may be because I'm obsessed with anything crunchy but I'll never know for sure. These aren't your average egg rolls. I decided to take my eggless cookie dough recipe, Read more [...]

The BEST Cast Iron Pizza

Get in the kitchen and make this cast iron pizza now! Seriously... Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this recipe. I wish I could because it's probably the best pizza I have ever had BUT the true genius is actually Jenny. If you want an in depth tutorial she has a video up on her YouTube channel. Think Pizza Hut pizza... but this pizza actually tastes good, no amazing! I can't believe I even compared this to Pizza Hut Pizza. The crust is perfectly crisp. Seriously I could talk about this pizza Read more [...]

Maple Bacon Pancakes + HUGE Back to School Giveaway!

These maple bacon pancakes are the perfect back to school breakfast. Growing up my mother never made my brother and I breakfast. We were never up early enough to do anything before school. To this day I'm still not much of a morning person, but no matter what time I wake up I always eat breakfast. Breakfast is one of those life changing meals. If you always skipped it because "you weren't hungry"... you're seriously missing out. My body is so used to having breakfast everyday now. If I am somewhere Read more [...]

Cookie Dough Popsicles

Everything is now right in the world, because COOKIE DOUGH POPSICLES.   I'm so sorry this post took me so long to get up. I know I teased you all on instagram about a month ago with a picture of these beauties. Let me first just say that taking a picture of anything that can melt in the summer is almost impossible. It took me so long to finally get the right weather and even then I guess it was still too warm outside. But once we get past the half melted popsicles we'll realize what Read more [...]