Caramel Coffee Sundaes

Everything amazing combined to make one delicious treat. Ice Cream ✔ Caramel ✔ Biscoff Cookies ✔ and Coffee ✔. Don’t you just want to take a bite, or six? These caramel coffee sundaes are very easy to make, but please every taste bud. Since the coffee is cold it makes a very refreshing treat.

Caramel Coffee Sundaes via Sweet as a Cookie

I’ve had a cold for four days too many. Luckily I made these recipes weeks ago because I can’t taste much 🙁 What’s the point in eating if you can’t taste the flavors? Obviously to stay alive but you get my point. All I’ve wanted to do lately is just drink liquids. I could drink all day and be completely satisfied, well until I want something crunchy. Crunchy foods are my weakness. If it crunches, I’m in. My boyfriend hates the sound of crunching so my cravings are very unlucky for him.

Caramel Coffee Sundaes via Sweet as a Cookie

The Biscoff cookies add that perfect crunch to this recipe. It’s not like your chewing on rocks, it’s more of a subtle crunch 😉 I think all of the flavors blend so well together. The flavors complement each other making each one more enjoyable. The 5 minute freeze causes the coffee to turn to a slush. It’s so good! Go make one or two now!

Caramel Coffee Sundaes via Sweet as a Cookie

The coffee I used in these donuts was Caramel Swirl flavored coffee from Brew La La Coffee. Brew La La Coffee offers a wide variety of flavors. You can purchase their coffee on their website, TJ Maxx & Marshalls, and Amazon.

Caramel Coffee Sundaes via Sweet as a Cookie

Well I’m off to rest. I want to beat this cold and send it into traffic (harsh I know). It’s finally starting to get nice outside so I don’t exactly want to spend all of my time inside blowing my nose in bed. I’m going to have a huge mug of caramel swirl coffee maybe that will clear me up 🙂

Caramel Coffee Sundaes
Serves 4
Vanilla Ice Cream topped with sweet caramel sauce, biscoff cookies, and coffee.
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  1. 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  2. 4 tbs. caramel sauce
  3. 4 Biscoff Cookies
  4. 1 cup strong coffee, chilled
  1. In small 3oz. bowls place 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream.
  2. Top each scoop of vanilla ice cream with 1/4 cup of chilled coffee, 1 tbs. caramel sauce, and 1 crushed Biscoff cookie.
  3. Place in freezer for 5 minutes.
  4. Enjoy!
Sweet as a Cookie

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