Happy Tuesday!

Attention Readers: 
I hope everyone is having a great day so far. This week seems to be dragging on and with that there will not be a delicious recipe post today. I know… I’m sad too. This rainy weather has made me want to just lie in bed all day long. On top of that I have school work, laundry and dishes.
The good news is that I’ve been brainstorming and I have come up with an amazing list of unique recipes that I would like to try out and share with you all! Tomorrow a recipe will be posted bright and early. (*Hint: There is peanut butter involved!)

My favorite dessert ever is probably a big, warm and sticky cinnamon roll. I just can’t get enough of them. Everything I love combined into one magical treat… yum!

What is your all time favorite dessert?

Take a look at this Sweet As A Cookie mascot I made out of clay yesterday! It’s he adorable???

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