When Blogging Was Fun | Why I Took A Mini Blog Hiatus

When Blogging Was Fun…

when blogging was fun

When I first started this blog I was a sophomore in college. I created Sweet as a Cookie so I could have a creative outlet to escape from all of the stress that college brings. When my blog was just a baby (1 month old) my lemon supreme rice krispies treat recipe went viral. My blog went from 40 visitors a day to 7,000! At that point I realized I could actually make money from blogging. 

As the year went on I tried thinking of the trendiest and most exotic recipes. I wanted my blog to go viral again! Without blog traffic, you can’t make money. I wanted my blog to succeed so I could pay off my student loans.

There was a point where I got tired of trying to come up with crazy recipes. I just wanted to be able to create something I loved. I wanted the blog to be stress free again! Unfortunately most people don’t usually visit blogs for a basic apple pie recipe. If I didn’t come up with something “viral worthy” I wouldn’t be able to pay my student loan bill.

Sponsored posts… you’ve seen them. They’re here on my blog. I love love love participating in sponsored posts because not only do I get to be creative in a way I may have never thought to, I also get paid. I’m going to be honest. Sometimes I did pick up a sponsored post that I wasn’t absolutely in love with just so I could pay the bills. It wasn’t something I was proud of but at that point it was something that I needed to do. I wasn’t happy putting out content I wasn’t 100% proud of, so that’s when I decided to step away.

I needed to find another way to make money. If I could continue to make money with my blog that would be great too, but it could no longer be my #1 source of income. I stepped back from the blogging world so I could find another way to make money and fall in love with baking again. 

Now that I’m in a position to return to the blogging world stress free I’m more excited than ever! I have lots of recipe ideas that I cannot wait to share with all of you. I’m ready to continue doing what I love without the stress of being number 1. 


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    Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie
    September 25, 2015 at 9:29 AM

    I definitely believe that if I blogged full time I would no longer enjoy it. I make enough off my blog now to pay the grocery bills and still enjoy baking and blogging about what I made. If I HAD to make money off of it I don’t think I would be able to be as true to myself. Glad you were able to find a happy medium that works for you!
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    September 30, 2015 at 7:05 AM

    I think you’re awesome and this time around you’ll have even more success. I mean you went back to blogging because you love it and I know it’ll show on your future posts! Best of luck to you! Not that you need it of course. 🙂
    Art recently posted…10 Tree Tattoo Ideas: Branching OutMy Profile

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